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List of microfluidics research groups

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This list of microfluidics research groups gives a comprehensive overview of academic research organisations in the field of microfluidics, sorted geographically. Any sufficiently notable research group (which in general can be considered as any group having published in well regarded, high impact factor journals) should be listed here, along with a brief description of their research.


CountryUniversity / InstituteGroupTopic
 EgyptAssiut UniversityAssiut Microfluidics Lab[1]lab-on-chip, digital microfluidics

North America[edit]

CountryUniversity / InstituteGroupTopic
 CanadaUniversity of British ColumbiaHansen Group[2]microfluidics, lab-on-chip, biomedical
 CanadaUniversity of British ColumbiaDMF Group[3]Digital (droplet-based) microfluidics, microfluidics, lab-on-chip, optofluidics
 CanadaMcMaster UniversityCentre for Advanced Micro-Electro-Fluidics[4]microfluidics, lab-on-chip, BioMEMS, EnergyMEMS, biomedical
 CanadaUniversité du Québec à MontréalRicardo Izquierdo Group[5]microfluidics, lab on chip, OLED, optofluidics, multi-sensor plattform
 CanadaMcGill UniversityDavid Juncker Nanobioengineering Group[6]biomedical
 CanadaMcGill UniversityMaryam Tabrizian Biomat'x Group[7]biomaterials, biomedical, lab-on-chip
 CanadaUniversity of WaterlooWaterloo Microfluidics Lab - Carolyn Ren's Group[8]

- Dongqing Li's group[9]

 CanadaUniversity of GuelphBionanotechnology Laboratory- Suresh Neethirajan's group[10]microfluidics, biofilms, lab-on-chip, Biomimetics, biosystems, bacterial chemotaxis
 CanadaUniversity of ManitobaImmuno trafficking Lab- Francis Lin's group[11]microfluidics, Immune cell trafficking, lab-on-chip, BioMEMS, biomedical
 CanadaUniversity of ManitobaDouglas Thomson and Bridges Group
 CanadaUniversity of TorontoKumacheva Microfluidics Group[12]microfluidics, polymer science, biological environments, gas/liquid
 CanadaUniversity of TorontoGuenther Microfluidics Group[13]microfluidics, On-chip Colloidal Synthesis, Biomedial
 CanadaUniversity of TorontoWheeler Lab-on-a-Chip Group[14]droplet based (digital)
 CanadaSimon Fraser UniversityMicroinstrumentation Laboratory[15]biomedical
 CanadaUniversity of AlbertaProf. D.J. Harrison's Group[16]proteomics, multiplexed systems
 CanadaUniversity of AlbertaMicro & Nano-Scale Transport Laboratory (MNTL)[17]LOC, Bio-MEMS, Energy Application
 CanadaUniversity of CalgaryBiosystems Research and Applications Group (BRAG)[18]LOC, Bio-MEMS, Surface Microfluidics, multiplexed bio-diagnostics
 CanadaUniversity of WaterlooAdvanced Micro- / Nano- Devices Lab[19]biomedical
 CanadaUniversity of TorontoSinton Lab[20]biomedical micro/nano-fluidics, optofluidics, sustainable energy, micro fuel cells
 CanadaRyerson UniversityLaboratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces (LoFFI)[21]Microfluidics, magnetophoresis, electrohydrodynamics, particle self-assembly, coating flows
 CanadaUniversité de SherbrookeMicroengineering Laboratory for MEMS (MICROS, Fréchette Group)[22]Microscale thermo-fluidics, Power MEMS (microturbines, micro fuel cells), micro-cooling
 CanadaUniversity of OttawaGodin Lab[23]Nano- and Micro-fluidics, Biosensors, Biomedical, Lab-on-a-Chip
 CanadaUniversity of AlbertaKumar Biomicrofluidics Lab[24]biophysics, biofilms, bacteria, microfluidics, opto-electrofluidics
 CanadaUniversity of Ontario Institute of TechnologyMacDonald Lab[25]paper-based microfluidics, phase change, interfaces, water quality
 United StatesArizona State UniversityDr. Alexandra Ros' Bioanalytical Microfluidics Group[26]Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Bioanalytical, Nanotechnology, Cells, DNA, Proteins.
 United StatesUniversity of Texas at El PasoXiuJun James Li Microfluidic Bioanalysis Group[27]Microfluidics, lab-on-chip, Bioanalysis, Nanotechnology, Cellular analysis, Biomedical, Forensics.
 United StatesAuburn UniversityJ.W. Hong's Microfluidics Group[28]Microfluidics, lab-on-chip, biomedical
 United StatesUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkSMALL (Sensors and MicroActuators Learning Lab) - Kwang W. Oh's Group[29]Droplet-based microfluidics, microfluidic-networks, combinatorial dilution
 United StatesUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkComputational Fluid Dynamics & Device Simulation - Edward Furlani's Group[30]Microfluidics, Nanofluidics, Magnetophoresis, Optofluidics, Multiphase Analysis, Inkjet Systems
 United StatesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaBiomedical Microsystems Laboratory[31]Biological Interfaces, Biomedical Devices, Microfluidics, Sensor Technology
 United StatesRochester Institute of TechnologyDr. Kandlikar's Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics and Fuel Cell Laboratory[32]PEM Fuel Cell, Fluid Analysis in Microsystems, Heat Transfer Analysis, Flow and Pool Boiling
 United StatesNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyTissue Models Laboratory[33]Models of Biological Tissues. Hybrid microfluidics. Cellular and molecular communications. Microfluidics, BioMEMS, Lab on a Chip.
 United StatesThe University of VirginiaProf. James P. Landers, Bioanalytical microchip laboratory[34]Integrated bioanalytical devices for clinical and forensic applications. Microfluidic separations, rapid non-contact PCR, acoustic cell handling, visual DNA detection, rapid device fabrication
 United StatesGeorgia Institute of TechnologyLu Microfluidics Laboratory[35]BioMEMS, Microfluidics, Neuroscience, Cell biology, and Biotechnology
 United StatesGeorgia Institute of TechnologyComplex Fluids Modeling and Simulation Group[36]Microfluidic separation, Bio-inspired microfluidic design, Nanofluidics, Complex fluids, Mechanics of soft matter
 United StatesFlorida State UniversityThe Roper Group[37]Microfluidics, Bioanalytical Chemistry
 United StatesOld Dominion UniversityBio-Microfluidics Laboratory[38]Microfluidics, Electrokinetic flows, Nanoscale transport
 United StatesPrinceton UniversityComplex Fluids Group[39]Microfluidics, Thin fluid films, Hemodynamics, Biochemical analysis
 United StatesSandia National LaboratoriesLaboratory of Biosystems Research and Development[40]Bioanalytical, Biofuels, Biodefense and Microfluidics Diagnostics
 United StatesPurdue UniversityPurdue University Microfluidics Laboratory[41]MEMS, BioMEMS, Nanotechnology and Microfluidics Diagnostics
 United StatesIndiana University, BloomingtonJacobson Group[42]Micro and nanofluidics
 United StatesUniversity of FloridaIMG: BioMEMS and Microfluidics Laboratory[43]valves, detection, 2D electrophoresis, Lab-on-Chip integration
 United StatesUniversity of Maryland, College ParkMaryland MEMS & Microfluidics Lab[44]BioMEMS & Bioanalytical Microfluidic Devices
 United StatesUniversity of WashingtonPosner Research Group[45]biochemical separations, sensors, biophysics, colloidal science, nanomotors, fuel cells
 United StatesBrandeis UniversityBrandeis Microfluidics Fabrication Facility[46]protein crystallography, two phase transition studies
 United StatesBoston UniversityDepartment of Biomedical Engineering[47]Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation[48]Biochemical assays, New generation PCR, Diagnostics
 United StatesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyJim Heath Lab[49]BioMEMS, Microfluidics, etc.
 United StatesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyThe Rustem Ismagilov Research Group[50]plug based microfluidics, dynamics of complex chemistry and biology systems, diagnosis and assays
 United StatesCarnegie Mellon UniversityMicro-Complex Laboratory[51]Microfluidics, Flow-Focusing, Surfactant Transport, etc.
 United StatesColumbia UniversityBiofluidic Micro Systems Laboratory[52]BioMEMS, Microfluidics, etc.
 United StatesColumbia UniversityLaboratory for Microscale Transport Phenomena[53]microfluidics, micro drops and bubbles, optofluidics
 United StatesColumbia UniversityMolecular and Microscale Bioengineering Lab[54]Microfluidics, Point of Care Diagnostics, Tissue Engineering
 United StatesWashington State University VancouverXu's Micro/Nanofluidics Group[55]micro/nanofluidics, Lab on a Chip
 United StatesCornell UniversityBioanalytical Microsystems & Biosensors Lab[56]biosensors
 United StatesCornell UniversityCraighead Research Group[57]analytical devices, micromachining
 United StatesCornell UniversityErickson Research Group[58]Optofluidics, nanofluidic sensors, autonomous microfluific systems
 United StatesCornell UniversityKirby Research Group[59]micro/nanofluidic transport, Lab-on-a-Chip, BioMEMS, cellular analysis, interfacial science
 United StatesGreat Lakes WATER InstituteBiological Sciences[60]microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip
 United StatesLehigh UniversityLaboratory for Particle Mixing and Self-Organization (Gilchrist Laboratory)[61]micro/nanoscale transport and assembly, suspensions, chaotic mixing, segregation, rheology, convective deposition, dielectrophoresis
 United StatesMichigan Technological UniversityMedical Micro-device Engineering Research Lab, Minerick Lab[62]electrokinetics, Lab-on-a-Chip, dielectrophoresis, pH gradients, electrocatalysis
 United StatesNorth Carolina State UniversityOrlin Velev Research Group[63]Janus particles, biosensors
 United StatesRice UniversityMcDevitt Lab[64]analysis of complex fluids
 United StatesThe Ohio State UniversityMicrosystems and Nanosystem Laboratory[65]Micro and Nano Fluidics, Surface charge driven pumps
 United StatesStanford UniversityStanford Microfluidics Laboratory[66]detection, separation, preconcentration, electroosmotic pumps, fuel cells
 United StatesStanford UniversityStephen Quake's Group[67]Microfluidic Large Scale Integration
 United StatesStanford UniversitySindy Tang Research Group[68]Droplet microfluidics, optofluidics, sensing and diagnostics
 United StatesUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignKenis Research Group[69]Microfluidics, Microreactors, Fuel Cells
 United StatesUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignMartha Gillette Research Lab[70]NeuroEngineering: Microfluidics applied to neuronal development and emergent behaviors of cell clusters
 United StatesUniversity of CincinnatiMicroSystems and BioMEMS Lab[71]clinical diagnosis
 United StatesThe Scripps Research InstitutePaegel Group[72]compartmentalized evolution, rational GUV synthesis
 United StatesTexas Tech UniversityVanapalli Research Group[73]lab-on-chip, biological and chemical applications
 United StatesTexas Tech UniversityJ.Kim Research Group[74]Microactuator, On-chip immunoassay, point-of-care diagnostics, Genetic analysis, Chemical analyzer, CNT biosensor, CMOS biosensor
 United StatesUniversity of California, BerkeleyMathies Research Group[75]DNA sequencing
 United StatesUniversity of California, BerkeleyLuke Lee BioPOETS Group[76]soft lithography, plasmonics
 United StatesUniversity of California, BerkeleyAmy Herr Group[77]capillary electrophoresis
 United StatesUniversity of California BerkeleyLydia Sohn Group[78]Label-free cytometry, Resistive-pulse sensing, Point-of-care diagnostics, Rare cell isolation and analysis
 United StatesUniversity of California DavisTingrui Pan MiNI Lab[79]Interfacial Microfluidics, Fit-to-Flow Microflego, Microfluidic Sensing, Interfacial Packaging, Superhydrophobicity, Self Assembly, Polymer Nanofabrication, Multiscale Biopatterning, Nanomaterials
 United StatesUniversity of California, IrvineAbraham P. Lee BioMiNT Group[80]Digital/Droplet microfluidics, microfluidic pumps, sensors
 United StatesUniversity of California, IrvineMarc Madou BioMEMs Group[81]Centrifugal Fluidics, Dielectrophoresis, Micromixing, Electroactive polymers, Biosensors, Electrochemistry
 United StatesUniversity of California, San FranciscoAdam Abate Droplet Microfluidics Group[82]soft lithography, Dielectrophoresis, Digital/Droplet microfluidics, Single Cell Analysis
 United StatesUniversity of KansasSue Lunte Laboratory[83]Microfluidics, Neuroscience, single cell analysis, separation, electrochemistry, biosensors
 United StatesUniversity of KansasZeng Research Laboratory[84]Microfluidics, Single cell analysis, Genetic analysis, Glycoproteomics and glycomics, Self-assembly of nanomaterials
 United StatesStony Brook UniversityMicrofluidics and Interfacial Fluid Dynamics Laboratory[85]Interfacial Fluid Dynamics - micro-fabrication techniques, small-scale transport processes, multiphase flows, wetting dynamics, miscible flows, instabilities, and the rheology of complex fluids
 United StatesUniversity of California, Los AngelesDi Carlo Microfluidic Research Group[86]Inertial microfluidics
 United StatesUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraPennathur Nanolab - Nanoscale Device Laboratory[87]microfluidics, nanofluidics, nanoparticle characterization, DNA, MEMS
 United StatesUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraSquires Research Group[88]nonlinear electrokinetics, microrheology
 United StatesUniversity of ArizonaBiosensors Lab[89]biosensors and diagnostics
 United StatesUniversity of ArizonaMicrofluidics Lab[90]microfluidics, plant-on-a-chip, bio/chemical/medical applications
 United StatesPenn StateThe Penn State BioNEMS Group[91]science of microfluidics (physics)
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySangeeta Bhatia Group[92]Applications of micro- and nanotechnology to tissue repair and regeneration
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyJose Gomez-Marquez Group[93]Medical technology for the developing world
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyJongyoon Han Group[94]Micro/nanofluidics, nanofluidic biomolecule separation and detection and nanostructure-biomolecule interactions
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyHatsopoulos Microfluids Laboratory[95]dynamics of fluids with microstructure, microfluidics, complex fluids, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyKlavs Jensen Group[96]Micro- and nano-structured materials and devices for chemical, biological, optical, electronic and energy applications
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAli Khademhosseini Group[97]Microscale and nanoscale technologies with the ultimate goal of generating tissue-engineered organs and controlling cell behavior
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyScott Manalis Group[98]Quantitative and real-time techniques for biomolecular detection and single cell analysis
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyJoel Voldman Group[99]Microfluidics applied to fundamental and applied problems in cell biology, with a focus on cell sorting and stem cell biology
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMehmet Fatih Yanik Group[100]Development and applications of high-throughput technologies for probing and engineering neural processes
 United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyKarnik's Group[101]Study of transport phenomena and the design of fluidic devices with applications in healthcare, energy systems, and biochemical analysis.
 United StatesHarvard UniversityThe George M. WhitesidesResearch Group[102]soft lithography, organic chemistry
 United StatesHarvard UniversityThe David A. Weitz Research Group[103]colloid physics, capillary microfluidics, soft lithography, encapsulation & delivery, biology in microfluidics
 United StatesIowa State UniversityNastaran Hashemi Group[104]Microfluidics, biosensors, optofluidics, lab-on-a-chip, diagnostics and therapeutics
 United StatesStanford UniversityThe Quake Research Group[105]valves, multiplexing
 United StatesUCLAUCLA Microsystems Laboratories[106]valves, detection
 United StatesUniversity of MichiganBurns Research Group[107]microreaction systems, microseparations, chemical and biochemical analysis
 United StatesUniversity of South FloridaBioMEMS and Microsystems Research Group[108]valves, detection
 United StatesUniversity of WashingtonDaniel Chiu Group[109]Chemistry of neurobiology
 United StatesUniversity of UtahUtah Center of Excellence for Biomedical Microfluidics[110]BioMEMS, Field flow fractionation
 United StatesUniversity of WashingtonAlbert Folch Group[111]Neuro-MEMS
 United StatesUniversity of WashingtonPaul Yager Group[112]point-of-care diagnostics
 United StatesNortheastern UniversityShashi Murthy Group[113]Lab on a Chip diagnostics, cell isolation for regenerative medicine
 United StatesNorthwestern UniversitySandip Ghosal Group[114]mathematical modeling of microfluidic flows and transport processes
 United StatesVanderbilt UniversityJohn Wikswo Group[115]molecular signaling, cellular motility, angiogenesis, and metastasis
 United StatesVirginia TechChang Lu group[116]Electroporation, single cell analysis, gene delivery, epigenetics
 United StatesWest Virginia UniversityYuxin Liu group[117]Microfluidics, Tissue Chip, Cell Chip, Biosensor
 United StatesRutgers UniversityJeffrey Zahn BioMEMS Laboratory[118]Microfluidic biosensors, cell separation devices, DNA purification, microcatheters
 United StatesRutgers UniversityMartin Yarmush Group[119]Living cell arrays, Brain-on-a-chip, Allergy-on-a Chip, Cell separation; Microdevices for single cell analysis
 United StatesRutgers UniversityLaboratory of Experimental Fluids and Thermal Engineering[120]Microfluidics, Micro PIV, Electroosmotic pumps
 United StatesClemson UniversityXuan Group[121]Microfluidic and nanofluidic transport phenomena, electrokinetic particle manipulations
 United StatesUniversity of Washington, SeattleAmy Shen Group/ Soft Matter and Microfluidics Research Laboratory[122]Microfluidics, Biosensors, Soft Matter
 United StatesLouisiana Tech UniversityNiel Crews Group[123]Real-time microfluidic PCR, DNA damage detection, Rapid prototyping, Biosensing, BioMEMS based differential scanning calorimetry, Portable PCR devices
 United StatesRochester Institute of TechnologyLapizco-Encinas Group /
Microscale Bioseparation Laboratory


Microscale electrokinetics and microfluidics, focus on insulator-based dielectrophoresis.
 United StatesUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMicro and Nano Fluidics Research Group


Nanostructured surfaces, physics of liquid-solid interfaces, and micro and nano-fluidics.
 United StatesGeorge Mason UniversityNitin Agrawal Group[126]Lab on a chip, single cell analysis, diagnostic devices.
 United StatesNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyPrecision Measurement Laboratory


Microfluidics, Sensor Technology, Microwave Measurements, Electromagnetic Properties

Latin America[edit]

CountryUniversity / InstituteGroupTopic
 ArgentinaBuenos Aires Institute of TechnologyMicro and Nanomechanics Lab[128]microfluidics, microresonators, microactuators, microsensors
 BrazilBrazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS)Microfabrication Laboratory[129]Microfluidic application in chemistry, physic and engineering areas. Soft Lithography, plasma.
 BrazilInstitute of Chemistry - State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)[130]Group of Electrophoresis and Microsystems (GEM)[131]Instrumentation and Method Development for Capillary and Microchip Electrophoresis.
 MexicoCIDETEQ[132]Sistemas Electroquimicos de Energía (SEQE)Fuel Cells
 MexicoFacultad de Ingeniería - UAQ[133]NanotecnologíaFuel Cells, Biofuel cells


CountryUniversity / InstituteGroupTopic
 AustriaAustrian Institute of TechnologyHealth and Environment - Nano Systems[134]lab-on-a-chip, sensors
 AustriaVienna University of TechnologyInstitute of Sensor and Actuator Systems (ISAS)[135]microfluidics, optofluidics, physical chemosensors, on-chip electrophoresis, fluid mixing, single-cell analysis
 BelgiumGhent UniversityResearch Group SynBioC[136]amino acids
 BelgiumVrije Universiteit BrusselResearch Group CHIS[137]design of microreactors and microfluidic systems
 BelgiumFlanders' Microfluidics and Microreactor Consortiumfmmc[138]knowledge transfer and networking consortium Flanders
 BelgiumUniversité libre de BruxellesKU LeuvenULg,UMonsCNRS-ESPCIIAP MicroMAST Network [139]Micromanipulation, Microfluidics, Multiscale Applications of Surface Tension, Fluids Statics and Dynamics, Surfaces Engineering, Liquids Engineering
  SwitzerlandÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneLaboratory of Microsystems (LMIS2)[140]Lab-On-a-Chip, bio-MEMS, Magnetic applications, Microfabrication technologies
  SwitzerlandÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneMicrosystems Laboratory[141]cell chips, medical diagnostics, bioelectronics
  SwitzerlandÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneOptics Laboratory[142]Optofluidics, biophotonics, nonlinear optics
  SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologySavas Tay Group[143]Microfluidics and Single Cell Analysis
  SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologyBioanalytics Dittrich Group[144]Biomimetic Structures, Cell Analysis, Synthesis, Single Molecule Spectroscopy
  SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologydeMello Group[145]Droplet microfluidics, Bionanotechnology, Micro-analytical devices, Nanoparticle synthesis, Nanofluidics, Diagnostics, Ultra sensitive optical sensing
  SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologyBioengineering Laboratory[146]Integrated bio- and chemosensors, high-density multi-electrode arrays, cell handling and analysis
 DenmarkTechnical University of DenmarkDepartment of Micro and Nanotechnology[147]medical diagnostics, biosensors
 FinlandHelsinki University of TechnologyDepartment of Micro and Nanosciences[148]Microfludics for chemical analysis, device fabrication
 FinlandUniversity of HelsinkiDivision of Pharmaceutical Chemistry[149]Microfludics for chemical analysis
 FinlandVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandMultiple groups[150]Lab-on-chip, biosensors, cell manipulation, device fabrication


 FranceINP-ENSIACET TOULOUSELaboratoire de Génie Chimique CNRS[151][152]Process Engineering, Chemical reactions, Heat and Mass transfer, Separation, Crystallization
 FranceEcole Normale Superieure, PARISMicrofluidics, Chemical organization, and Nanotechnology[69][153]Microfluidics for cell and systems biology, neuron chips, biomimetism, artificial cells
 FranceESPCI, PARISMicrofluidic MEMS et Nanostructures Laboratory[154]Droplet and Nano-droplets, Chemical reactions, Cells
 FranceUniversity of BordeauxMicrofluidics Laboratory[155]Droplet microfluidics
 FranceÉcole PolytechniqueLaboratoire d'Hydrodynamique (LADHYX)[156]Droplet microfluidics driven by gradients of confinement. Applications to chemical analysis and cell manipulation
 FranceUniversity of Lille,CNRSIEMN,ISENBioMEMS Group[157]Electrowetting, Digital and continuous-flow microfluidics, Lab-on-chip, Dielectrophoresis, Electrokinetics, Impedancemetry, Biosensors, Nanoparticles for cell tracking, Flexible substrates
 FranceUniversity of Lille,CNRSIEMNFilms GroupCapillary flows in interaction with micro-systems and complex surfaces, Particle-laden flows, Instabilities of free-surface flows, Miscible fluid flows, with diffusive mixing layer, Microflows in microsystems dedicated to boundary-layer flow control
 FranceCurie Institute,CNRS,Laboratory of Macromolecules and Microsystems in Biology and MedicineMMBM-JL ViovyLab-on-chip, biophysics, molecular interactions, molecular transport, Nanoparticles, single molecule, single cell, bioanalytical microfluidics,
 FranceLPNCNRS,Microfluidics for chemistry and biologyseparation of biomolecules, nanofluidics, dynamics of reaction networks, nanoimprint,
 FranceLAASCNRS,Laboratory for Ananysis and Architecture of SystemsLab on chip, nanofluidics, multiphase microfluidics,cell sorting, genomic and epigenomic,dielectrophoresis, optofluidics, multifunctional microfluidics, full polymer active lab on chip,
 FranceLTMCNRS,Technology for Life ScienceLab on chip, nanofluidics, cell sorting,dielectrophoresis, optofluidics, multifunctional microfluidics, colloidal engineering, capillary force assembly,
 GermanyTechnische Universität DresdenRichter GroupMicrofluidics based on active polymers, large-scale integrated microfluidics, microchemomechanical fluidic integrated circuits, chemical information processing (chemical transistors and ICs), Lab on a Chip, blood diagnostics, large-scale / high throughput methods, chemical synthesis
 GermanyExperimental Physics I, Medical department University of LeipzigFütterer Group[158]Microfluidics for Cells and tissues, high throughput screening, ultraprecise flow control, perfusion systems
 GermanyEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory, HeidelbergGenome Biology[159]Microfluidic systems for large-scale screens in biology and chemistry
 GermanyFraunhofer IGB, StuttgartDepartment of Cell and Tissue Engineering[160]Microfluidic simulations and modelling for 3D cellculture and biophysics
 GermanyChair for Experimental Physics I, University of AugsburgWixforth Group[161]SAW (surface acoustic wave) driven microfluidics, deformable objects in complex flow, Lab on a Chip, droplet microfluidics, membrane physics, biophysics
 GermanyTU DarmstadtInstitute of Nano- and Microfluidics[162]Biomolecule separation, electrokinetics, heat and mass transfer, lab-on-a-chip technology, liquid/liquid interfaces, micro- and nanoscale energy conversion, optofluidics
 GermanyIlmenau University of TechnologyKöhler Group[163]Microfluidic Segments, Nanoparticles in Microreactors, Optical pH sensing
 GermanyMax Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organizationDroplets, Membranes & Interfaces[164]Droplet microfluidics, Emulsions, Membranes & interfaces Physical-chemistry.
 GermanyMax Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organizationMicrofludics Research Group[165]Droplet microfluidics
 GermanyRuhr Universität BochumBioMIP: Microsystems Chemistry and BioIT[166]Chemical microprocessors, electronic microreactors, electronic chemical cells, evolving systems, personal fabrication, ICT
 GermanySaarland UniversityExperimental Physics[167]Microreactors, droplet microfluidics, complex reactions
 GermanyIMMInstitut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH[168]Lab on a chip, micro system technology, microstructures, analytics (biological, chemical), diagnostics, energy technology, fluidic simulations
 GermanyFraunhofer ENASDept. Multi Device Integration (MDI)[169]Lab on a chip, micro system technology, microstructures, integrated microfluidic low-cost actuation, fully integrated microfluidic cartridges for in-vitro diagnostics
 GermanyUniversität der Bundeswehr MünchenInstitute for Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics, Microgroupwww.unibw.de/lrt7optical techniques (µPIV, µPTV, 3d3c techniques[170]), astigmatism-µPTV[171]
 GermanyISAS: Institute for Analytical Sciences[172]separation, plasma, cells
 GermanyKIST EuropeKorea Institute of Science and Technology Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Saarbrücken[173]soft matter, clinical diagnostics, cell biology applications
 GermanyUniversity of BielefeldBiophysics and Applied Nanoscience group[174]Migration and dynamics of biomolecules in µF devices
 GermanyHahn-Schickard-GesellschaftInstitute for Micromachining and Information Technology[175]Lab on a Chip, micro dosage systems, micro medical technology, Fluidic Simulations
 GermanyUniversity of Freiburg - IMTEKLaboratory for MEMS Applications[176]Lab on a Chip, Tools for Cells, nL & pL Dispensing, Fluidic Simulations
 GermanyUniversity of LeipzigBelder Research Group[177]analytical chemistry
 GermanyInstitute of Photonic Technology -IPHTMicrofluidics Department[178]Lab on a Chip devices and prototyping, optical readout of information, droplet-based microfluidics, on-Chip PCR, multiphase flow diagnostics and simulation
 GermanyFraunhofer Institut of Chemical Technology - ICTGroup of Microreaction Technology[179]Microreaction Technology, Micro Process Engineering, Microfluidics
 GermanyUniversity of MünsterNonlinear Photonics Group (Denz)[180]Optical tweezing and its integration into optofluidic setups, direct-laser-writing of microfluidic components
 IrelandDublin City UniversityDucrée Labs[181]lab-on-a-chip, polymer microfabrication, assay miniaturization, integration and automation, cell handling and counting, flow control, instrumentation, microfluidics, microhydrodynamics, sample preparation, immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, PCR, NASBA, point-of-care diagnostics, bioprocess monitoring, sample-to-answer systems
 IrelandUniversity of LimerickStokes Institute[182]Microflow cytometry, MicroPIV, Cytotoxicity, Cell sorting, Laeukemia analysis, PCR
 IsraelTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyMicro- and Nano-Fluidics Laboratory[183]Nanofluidics, electrokinetics, lab-on-a-chip
 IsraelTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyMicrofluidic Technologies Laboratory[184]Electrokinetics, separations, lab-on-a-chip, biosensors, medical diagnostics
 ItalyUniversity of PadovaLaFSI[185]Droplets, Bubbles, NanoFriction, Wetting, Adsorption, MicroPIV
 ItalyUniversity of BolognaDIENCA[186]Heat transfer, MicroPIV
 ItalyUniversity of FerraraLaboratory of Biomaterials & Bioencapsulation[187]Biomaterials, Bioencapsulation, Cell entrapment, Drug delivery
 NetherlandsLeiden UniversityAnalytical BioSciences[188]Lab on a chip, Micro & Nano approaches for analytical challenges
 NetherlandsDelft University of TechnologyKavli Institute of Nanoscience - Bionanoscience - KeymerLab[189]evolution-on-a-chip, bacterial synthetic ecosystems, biophysics, evolutionary biology, adapting bacteria in nanostructures
 NetherlandsDelft University of TechnologyLaboratory for Aero & Hydrodynamics[190]lab-on-a-chip, BioMEMS, MicroPIV, NanoPIV
 NetherlandsRadboud UniversityThe Huck Research Group, Institute for Molecules and Materials[191]Microdroplet tools for cell biology
 NetherlandsTNOTNO Science and Industry[192]Industrial applications: lab-on-a-chip, (bio)analytics, microreactors, micro process technology, printing, encapsulation
 NetherlandsUniversity of TwenteMCS: Mesoscale Chemical Systems[193]microreactors, chemical kinetics, analytical chemistry
 NetherlandsUniversity of TwentePCF: Physics of Complex Fluids[194](electro)wetting, confined liquids, microrheology
 NetherlandsUniversity of TwenteBIOS: The Lab-on-a-Chip Group[195]biosensors, cells on chips
 NetherlandsUniversity of TwentePOF: The Physics of Fluids group[196]bubble dynamics, inkjet printing
 NetherlandsUniversity of TwenteSFI: Soft matter, Fluidics and Interfaces[197]interfacial transport phenomena
 NorwayNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyMicrofluidics research group[198]lab-on-a-chip
 PolandPolish Academy of SciencesInstitute of Physical Chemistry, Garstecki Lab of Microfluidics and Complex Fluids[199]dropplet microfluidics, lab on chip, microfluidic emulsification and micro-foams
 PolandWarsaw University of TechnologyChemical Sensor Research Group[200]chemical sensors, microfluidics, medical diagnostics, cell engineering and testing
 SwedenChalmers University of TechnologyOrwar research group[201]Freestanding microfluidic platforms, for single cell stimuli delivery
 SwedenLTHNanobiotechnology and Lab-on-a-Chip Group[202]Device fabrication and proteomics
 SwedenKTHNanobiotechnology Group[203]Droplet microfluidics, Clinical microfluidics
 SwedenKTHMicrosystem Technology Group[204]components, drug delivery
 SwedenLinköping UniversityTransport and separations group[205]Electroosmotic pumps, separations, guidance of fluids in microfluidic systems, 3D printing (fabbing) of devices, conjugated polymers in microfluidics
 SwedenUppsala UniversityDivision of Micro Systems Technology[206]Device fabrication, lab-on-a-chip, microfluidic valves and pumps, microfluidic hydraulics, microdialysis of proteins and peptides
 TurkeyBilkent UniversityMicrofluidics & Lab-on-a-chip Research Group[207]Microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip for biomedical applications
 TurkeyIstanbul Technical UniversityNano/Micro Electromechanical Systems Lab[208]MEMS and NEMS, Biomicrofluidics
 United KingdomBrunel UniversityDOCLab, Centre for Electronic Systems Research[209]Lab-on-a-chip, molecular diagnostics
 United KingdomMRC Laboratory of Molecular BiologyDear group[210]Single-molecule sequencing, single-molecule PCR, microscale immunoassays
 United KingdomUniversity of UlsterNanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre[211]Bionanotechnology, Point of Care, Tissues Engineering, Micro-plasma Technology, Medical Devices, Electronics, Photonics, Nanotechnology, Sensors, MEMS, Optical and Environmental devices
 United KingdomUniversity of SouthamptonThe Nano Research Group[212]Bionanotechnology, Micro-analytical devices, Nanofluidics, AC Electrokinetics: Cell and particle manipulation methods, AC Electrokinetics: Fluid interactions, Optical biosensing, Modelling and theoretical work
 United KingdomUniversity of ManchesterMiniaturization Research Group[213][214]Device Fabrication, Analysis, Microfluidics, Nano-droplets, Biosensors, Separation Science
 United KingdomUniversity of GlasgowBioelectronics Group[215]Microfluidics, nanofabrication, plasmonics, CFD, Biosensors, Laser tweezing, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
 United KingdomUniversity of HertfordshireMicrofluidics and Microengineering Group[216]Academic and commercial microfluidics and microengineering research with core expertise in areas including; microfluidics, microfabrication, rapid prototyping, soft lithography, microfluidic CFD, BioMEMS, biological and particle handling, EWOD, magnetic separation, hydrodynamic separation and microfluidic systems control technologies such as micropumps and micromixers. Related research includes development of Lab-on-a-chip and integrated microfluidic biotechnology systems for Biodetection applications.
 United KingdomUniversity of SheffieldCellular Mechanics and Microfluidics Group[217]Development of microfluidics systems applied to cellular analysis, with emphasis on mechanical properties and mechanical stimulation of cells. Examples include dynamic seeding of bone scaffold, mechanically-driven differentiation of stem cells, shear stress on various cell types.
 United KingdomUniversity College LondonMicrofluidics Group[218]Development of novel computational and experimental methods for design of microfluidic devices such as micromixers and micropumps
 United KingdomUniversity College LondonMicrofluidics Group[219]Microfluidics research focusing on microscale bioprocessing for applications such as drug discovery, cell therapy, mammalian cell culture and enzymatic bioconversion
 United KingdomBangor University, WalesMicrofluidics Group[220]Deployment of nanoscale photonic measurement techniques and expertise in microsystem design and fabrication
 United KingdomUniversity of CambridgeHealthcare Biotechnology Group[221]Deployment of paper-based microfluidic point-of-care diagnostic devices
 PortugalUniversity of PortoTransport Phenomena Research Center[222]Flow instabilities, enhanced mixing systems, optimization of micro-devices, micron-sized extensional rheometer, CFD
 SpainUniversity of OviedoImmunoelectroanalysis Group[223]Development of applications with microfluidic devices
 SpainCEITbioMEMS group, Microelectronics and Microsystems Department[224]MEMS technology, sensors and biosensors, integration with microfluidic devices
 SpainUniversity of SevillePhysics of Fluids and Microfluidics Group


Flow Focusing, Flow Blurring; micro-droplet and micro-bubble generation; Computer microfluidics; biomedical, biochemical, food industry applications

Asia and Australia[edit]

CountryUniversity / InstituteGroupTopic
 United Arab EmiratesNew York University Abu DhabiAdvanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory (AMML) [226]Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, BioMEMS, Cellular dynamics, Bioengineering
 South KoreaKAISTCell Bench Research Center (Young-Ho Cho Group)[227]N/MEMS, Cell Characterization Chips, Cell Culture Bench
 South KoreaKAISTNanoBiotech Laboratory (Je-Kyun Park Group)[228]Optoelectrofluidics, Hydrophoresis, Magnetophoresis, Cell-based assay system
 South KoreaKAISTFlow Control Laboratory (Hyung Jin Sung Group)[229]Optofluidics, Acoustofluidics, Microprinting, Optical waveguides
 South KoreaKorea UniversityIntelligent BioMEMS Lab[230]BioMEMS/NEMS, Micromedical Device, Chip Based Fabrication, Micro Reactor, Micro Valve and Pump, Cell Patterning and Culture
 South KoreaSeoul National UniversityBINEL (Biophtonics and Nanoengineering Lab[231]Railed Microfluidics, Optofluidics, BioMems, Optics
 South KoreaSeoul National UniversityMELAB (Medical Electronics Laboratory[232]U-healthcare, Bio-MEMS, bio/chemical sensor, Medical Imaging, Bio-photonics, Neural Prosthesis
 South KoreaSeoul National UniversityEES (Energy, Environment and Sustainability Lab[233]Nonlinear Electrokinetics, Seawater Desalination System, Bio-Sensing, Fuel Cell System, Electrohydrodynamics
 South KoreaSogang UniversityBNTL (BioNano Technology Lab)[234]BioMEMS/NEMS, Nanomedicine, Stem Cell Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
 TaiwanNational Taiwan UniversityFantasy Lab (Shih-Kang Fan Group)[235]Microfluidics, Bio-chip, EWOD, Liquid-DEP,Biomedical engineering
 TaiwanNational Taiwan UniversityBEAM Lab (Jing-Tang Yang Group)[236]Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, Biomedical applications
 TaiwanNational Tsing-Hua UniversityNano-/Micro-Bio-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems and Fluidics Laboratory (Fan-Gang Tseng's Group)[237]Microfluidics, Nanofluidics, Lab on a Chip, Biomedical applications, Fuel Cell, MEMS, BioMEMS/BioNEMS, Optofluidics
 TaiwanNational Cheng Kung UniversityComputing & Microfluidics Lab (Ruey-Jen Yang Group)[238]Microfluidics, Nanofluidics, Lab on a Chip, Energy Conversion, Concentration Polarization, Biomedical applications
 TaiwanAcademia SinicaBioMicrofluidic Applications Laboratory (Ji-Yen Cheng Group)[239]Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, Chemical synthesis, Diagnostics, Biosensors, Tissue engineering
 ChinaDalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of ScienceJianhua Qin Group[240]Lab on a Chip, Biomedical applications
 ChinaZhejiang UniversityInstitute of Microanalytical Systems[241]Design and fabrication of microchips on different substrates, World-to-chip interfacing-On-chip sample introduction and pretreatment, High resolution separation of bio samples in microfluidic systems; Detection systems in microfluidics; Microsensors
 ChinaHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyBifeng Liu Group[242]Digital/Droplet microfluidics, capillary electrophoresis, Quantitative and real-time techniques for biomolecular detection and single cell analysis, Development and applications of high-throughput technologies for probing and engineering neural processes
 ChinaPeking UniversityYanYi Huang Lab[243]Microfluidic applications in bioengineering, analytical chemistry, and chemical biology; Nanophotonics; Integrated optics and biophotonics
 ChinaFudan UniversityJia Zhou Group[244]Digital microfluidic chip, analytical chemistry on chip
 Hong KongUniversity of Hong KongMicrofluidics and Soft Matter Group - Anderson Shum[245]Droplet microfluidics; Water-based microfluidics; Emulsion-templated materials; Microfluidic applications in biomedical engineering
 IndiaBirla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad CampusMicro and Nanofluidics Group,Department of Physics[246]Computational Fluid Dynamics, Micro and Nano fluidics, lab on a chip.
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology GuwahatiDepartment of Chemical Engineering[247]Colloid and Interfacial Phenomena, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Micro and Nano fluidics, Complex Flow and Fluids
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology MadrasDepartment of Mechanical Engineering[248]Theoretical and Experimental Microfluidics, Microfluidics Applications
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology BombayNanoBios Laboratory[249]BioMEMS, Microfluidic applications (Micropumps, Microneedle array), Biosensors (Glucose Sensor, Urea Sensor, Cholesterol Sensor etc.), Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery, Cancer Research.
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology BombayMicrofluidics & Biological Physics Laboratory[250]Microfabrication technology and Microfluidics for Biomedical & Biological applications.
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology KanpurBioMEMS and Microfluidics Laboratory[251]Microfluidic applications
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology KharagpurMicrofluidics Laboratory[252]Microfluidic applications
 IndiaIndian Institute of Technology RoorkeeR.P Bharti Research Group[253]Electrokinetics, Biofluidics
 IndiaNational Institute of Technology CalicutComputational Nanotechnology Research Laboratory[254]Rarefied gas dynamics,Gas surface interaction,Nanoscale fluid flow and heat transfer, Molecular gas dynamics, Nanofluidics, Supersonic microjets and nanojets, Modeling of high altitude rocket exhaust plume, Low density jets
 IndiaNanotechnology Research Triangle, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata[255]CAD for microfluidics, Digital microfluidics, Lab-on-chip, Sample preparation, dilution and mixing, algorithmic microfluidics
 IranSharif University of TechnologyBiofluid Group[256]Biofluid Dynamics, Microfluidics, Microelectrokinetic Phenomena (Electrophoresis, Dielectrophoresis, and Electrodeposition), Bioreactors
 IranK. N. Toosi University of TechnologyElectronic Materials Laboratory[257]Microfluidics, analytical devices, sensor technology
 JapanUniversity of TokyoKitamori Lab[258]organic chemistry, integrated chemistry on a chip
 JapanNagoya UniversityBaba LabLab on a chip
 AustraliaGriffith UniversityMicro/Nanofluidics Research Lab[259]microfluidics, nanofluidics, droplet-based microfluidics, lab on a chip
 AustraliaRMIT UniversityMicro/Nano Research Laboratory[260]SAW microfluidics, biomicrofluidics, stem cell scaffolds, drug delivery, microsurgery and micromotors
 AustraliaRMIT UniversityMicro/Nano Electronics and Sensors Group[261]Biomicrofluidics, Sensors, Optofluidics, electrowetting
 New ZealandIndustrial Research LtdNano and Microfluidics team[262]Microfluidics, nanofluidics, lab-on-a-chip, surface modification, device prototyping
 New ZealandUniversity of AucklandUoA Microfabrication laboratory[263]Microfluidics, Metabolomics, Gene sensors, lab on a chip
 New ZealandUniversity of AucklandThe BioMEMS Research Group/Wlodkowic Lab[264]BioMEMS, Biomicrofluidics, Lab-on-a-chip, uTAS, cytometry, cytOmics, small model organisms


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  228. Jump up^ NanoBiotech Laboratory (Prof. Je-Kyun Park), Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST
  229. Jump up^ Flow Control Laboratory (Prof. Hyung Jin Sung), Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
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Ferdowsi University of Mashhad MNL group device fabrication and analysis